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Market research designed with marginalized audiences at the center.

Gain insights and applicable strategies that shape your messaging, marketing and corporate culture.

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We don't just incorporate BIPOC in our research. BIPOC is our research.

If your goal is to create a space where underserved people feel seen, safe, valued and equal - you'll first need to understand what that entails.

The Advocacy Group helps organizations & companies gain a clear understanding of cultural equity, and define how to weave it into the fabric of the organization. 



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Not just another DEI initiative.

We're a results-driven agency. We take a qualitative market research approach to resolving the equity issues that plague organizations. Through immersive experiences, we provide proximity to marginalized groups - maximizing the impact of DEI training & workshops.

Culturally, we'll identify where you are, where you should be, and we'll create an actionable roadmap to get you to your goal.

Image of a young Asian American Pacific Islander AAPI man and woman in a kitchen posing for a company focused on DEI market research


[Working with TAG enables us to] attract the diversity we want to see in a way that's not just optical, but done with integrity.
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We've empowered our clients to eradicate inequities such as:

  • Lack of cultural awareness and empathy in the workplace or marketplace

  • Low retention/high turnover among minority employees

  • Underperforming goods and services within an underserved demographic

  • And more...

Image of older woman in a fur coat & fedora representing an age class in the market research conducted by The Advocacy Group

Get the insights and strategies needed to make real shifts in your approach to DEI.

  • Represent & attract a more diverse audience & team

  • Create safe spaces for underrepresented audiences to speak and be heard

  • Increase diversity hires

  • Respond in real time to traumatic, and social incidents directed towards marginalized communities.

Diversity centered market research from a diversity centered agency.

As people of color, we are putting to use our unique voices, perspective and expertise to educate and improve sensitivity. We're building a bridge of empathy between the uniformed and the underserved - standing in the gap for those with a muted voice amongst the majority.

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