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Human Insights designed with marginalized audiences at the center.

Gain insights and applicable strategies that shape your messaging, marketing, and corporate culture.

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"Build authentic connections with the diverse audiences you want to reach and understand."

We are a woman and minority-owned Human Insights and Advocacy Firm dedicated to elevating and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities through informed action. Our work connects leaders with the diverse team members, consumers, and audiences they serve. We turn insights into action with a plan for sustainable change and long-lasting impact.

The Advocacy Group helps organizations & companies gain a clear understanding of cultural equity, and define how to weave it into the fabric of the organization. 



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We've empowered our clients to tackle their most challenging obstacles. 

  • Lack of cultural awareness and empathy in the workplace or marketplace

  • Low retention/high turnover among minority employees

  • Underperforming goods and services within an underserved demographic

  • Disparities in Healthcare among minority populations


"Gain the insights and strategies to drive real shifts in your organization."

Image of a young Asian American Pacific Islander AAPI man and woman in a kitchen posing for a company focused on DEI market research


[Working with TAG enables us to] attract the diversity we want to see in a way that's not just optical, but done with integrity.

Trust is everything. 

In today's information-saturated world, where misinformation and varied opinions abound, earning the trust of employees and consumers is crucial. Without it, organizations risk becoming disconnected and obsolete in an ever-evolving cultural landscape that demands working effectively across diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds.

The cost of disengagement is significant. Companies failing to establish trust and engagement face increased staff turnover, reduced productivity, and the loss of potential revenue growth opportunities.

We can help you get there. 


Creating a vibrant company culture and enhancing profits through cultural competency are achievable goals. The Advocacy Group excels in communicating with the audiences you aim to engage. We assist organizations in overcoming communication and trust barriers with research-backed strategies, ensuring they are well-prepared to retain employees and boost profitability.

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