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Diversity & Empathy Training

Our 4-step training equips your team with tools that foster a culture built on empathy and better connects your organization to your consumers and or employees.  Diversity and empathy trainings are customized for the business need and can be accomplished in the following intervals:

A diverse group of employees receiving diversity & empathy training from The Advocacy Group


​Focuses on a specific goal/ business question

Ideal for offsite team building 

DAY 2-4

Holistic culture transformation

In-depth immersive activities

Ideal for organizational strategic planning​

Ongoing Monthly Trainings/Consultation Retainer

Ideal for holistic organization culture changes

Includes complete training and ongoing consulting as needed


Valerie, a Communications Director for a local nonprofit, shares her experience on our ongoing Diversity & Empathy training program and how it impacted their outreach strategy and internal structure of her organization.

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